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11/11/04      E.T.B.I.S. In the News

11/09/04      Gregg County, Texas Report

11/09/04      Sounds Page       UPDATED!! 10/29/04      Bigfoot or Big Cat? Strange Deer find

Welcome To The

East Texas Bigfoot Independent Study 

                    Web Site  


Does a large unknown species of primate inhabit the dense forests of East Texas?  There are tales of "Wild Men" or "Ape Men" lurking just on the edge of civilization being seen only on rare occasions.  Strange screams being heard in the forest by wary hunters, and suddenly catching a glimpse of something "tall and hairy" moving  through the undergrowth on the forest floor.  An unsuspecting motorist driving down a dark secluded road rounds a corner getting there just in time to see a "large hair covered animal" walk across the road on two legs.  A few young men fishing from a railroad treacle at their favorite fishing spot sees a large "ape man" walking across the abandoned track a mere 50 yards away.  These are just a few examples of what some have seen. 

What are these unusual animals?  Are they a figment of someone's imagination, or are they remnants from a long forgotten past? There have been approximately 250 reported sightings of these animals in State of Texas to date, and this number continues to grow. 

Legends abound throughout the Native American culture of "giant hairy hominids" living in the forests.  The Cherokee have two names for these animals.   Nun Yunu Wi meaning, "Hairy Giant," and Kecleh-Kudleh meaning, "Hairy Savage."  The Hoopa Indians call them O-Mah meaning "Boss of the Woods."   Most animals are held in high regards by Native American tribes with their legends and folklore being based on factual animals.

They are known by many names.  Bigfoot, Sasquatch Wooly Booger and the Skunk Ape.  Momo, Grassman, Woods Devil and even the Boogie Man.

No matter what name you use to describe these fascinating animals, they do indeed exist.  An unknown specie of primate living on the edge of civilization just waiting to be discovered.

The members of the East Texas Bigfoot Independent Study spends countless hours in the field seeking evidence.  We believe field research is the key to our success. We are committed to the documentation of any and all information gathered by its members while conducting research in and out of the field.  The information gathered in this study ranges from physical evidence, food sources, local weather patterns to the documentation of local wildlife movement patterns,  just to name a few.  Through each of our member’s individual research efforts a large accumulation of data has been compiled to form a database.   With this data it is now possible to expand our research efforts into areas that have rarely if ever been frequented by human beings.

The E.T.B.I.S. feels it is important that the general public be made aware of these animals existence,  and to change their view from a tabloid perspective to one of living biological animals.  Our findings will be made public on this web site.  The locations of our research areas will not be disclosed nor will witness information.

If you have had an encounter with one or more of these animals please feel free to SUBMIT a report to us by filling out our report form. We need to hear from those witnesses who have been in close proximity to these animals.  Even though our website includes a sightings database, this does not mean  your report will appear there. The witnesses express permission must be granted.  We exercise extreme confidentiality and privacy for the witness.  We do this for the safety of any Bigfoot that remain in the encounter area also.  See our CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE before submitting a report.  Your information is crucial for our study.

Thank you for your participation.

Curious One


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